If you're like most small business owners, there are things that keep you up at night.

  • Government remittance done on time, and correct
  • Where is all of my money going ?
  • GST filing done properly.
  • How can I maximize the profitability of my company.

Bottom line is this, do you see your accountant as an expense, or an investment.

If you said expense, maybe you need a new accountant.

What are clients are saying

When you run your own business,  you need to have an accountant you can trust and rely on to have your best interests at heart. Worry Free has provided that service for the past 8 years, so my thanks and appreciation to Chris & Kim.

- Sally @ Kaldor Design

 Worry Free is a joy to work with and we have always had a great working relationship.  I’m happy to endorse their service to any small business.

- Ian Clemens – Associate Vice President 

 I’m sure that not many business owners will describe their accountants as awesome, super-efficient, punctual and trustworthy and yes I could go on and on. Worry Free has always been there for me and will continue to be.

- Louise Roos @ Roos Engineering